Samyang Topokki Ramen 80g

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Topokki (rice cake typically served with chilli paste) is a classic Korean comfort food everyone can enjoy. These noodles are served soup-style in a mildly spicy broth inspired by the chilli paste served alongside Topokki. If you’re looking for a nice amount of spice that won’t burn your tongue off like Samyang’s fire noodles, this is a great alternative!

Korean culinary lovers certainly know and even like the spicy and savory dish known as namatopokki. ... Ddeokbokki or Tteokbokk or Topokkis a Korean food made from tteok or rice flour cooked with gochujang spices. Samyang now comes with topokki flavor. Although this latest edition has 4 kinds of flavors and the size is quite small compared to the hot chicken portion. But this new samyang is no less delicious. There is already a KMF halal logo, so those of you who are Muslim don't need to hesitate anymore to consume it.

Includes Samyang Topokki Ramen 80g

Keep in a cool, dry place.
You can prepare this noodle in 3 easy simple steps : 
1) Remove the sauce packages, put the noodle into the boiling water and cover the lid for 4 minutes.
2) Drain the water out and add the liquid sauce.
3)Mix them well with the ramen and you can enjoy your ramen!

Keep in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight. Includes Samyang Jjajang Ramen 80g

ဤ ramen ကို ပြင်ဆင်ရန် ဤလွယ်ကူသော အဆင့် ၃ ဆင့်ဖြင့် ပြင်ဆင်ပါ:

၁) ခေါက်ဆွဲအား ၆၀၀ ml ခန့်ရှိသော ရေနွေးပူထဲ သိုထည့်ပါ။

၂) ခေါက်ဆွဲ အားရေထဲမှ စစ်ပါ။ (ရေတစ်ဆွမ်းစာလောက်အားချန်ထားပါ)

၃) အနှစ်အရသာများ ထည့်ပြီး သေချာစွာ မွှေပြီး အရသာရှိတဲ့ Ramen ကို သုံးဆောင်နိုင်ပါပြီ။

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