Small Kitchen Appliances

Beko 25L Microwave MOF25310X()
Beko 23L Microwave with Grill MGF23210X()
Beko Microwave MGC20100W()
Beko Kettle WKM4226B()Beko Kettle WKM4226B()
Save 22%
Beko Coffee Machine CEP5152B()
Beko Beko Coffee Machine CEP5152B
114,500 Ks 147,500 Ks
Midea Induction Cooker With Pot SKY-1613()
Midea Cooking Pot MG-GP45B()
Midea Cooker SKY-1613A()
Prato Table Top 1 Gas Hob PRT-KHB311GTG1()
Midea Cooker RT-2120()
Save 45%
Philips Kettle HD 4677/20()
Midea Pressure Cooker MYSS-5062()
Beko Toaster TAM7211B()
Save 20%
Philips Juicer HR 1836/00()Philips Juicer HR 1836/00()
Philips Philips Juicer HR 1836/00
143,000 Ks 179,000 Ks
Midea Cooking Pot MBYH-509()Midea Cooking Pot MBYH-509()
Midea Kettle MKSJ-1703()
Philips Cooking Pot HD 3011()
Midea Microwave Oven 23L MMO23-AGS3()
Save 30%
Philips Toaster HD 2630/40()
Midea Cooking Pot MBFS-5018()
Beko Kettle WKM6321W()Beko Kettle WKM6321W()
Midea Coffee Maker 0.3L MAD-202R()
Save 7%
Toshiba Microwave Oven MM-MM20P (WH)()