Midea Promotion
(18 - 30 Nov)

Save 10%
Midea Cooking Pot MG-GP45B()
Midea Midea Cooking Pot MG-GP45B
23,400 Ks 26,000 Ks
Save 10%
Midea Cooker RT-2120()
Midea Midea Cooker RT-2120
34,000 Ks 37,800 Ks
Save 12%
Midea Cooking Pot MBYH-509()
Midea Midea Cooking Pot MBYH-509
21,500 Ks 24,500 Ks
Save 10%
Midea Pressure Cooker MYSS-5062()
Save 10%
Midea Kettle MKSJ-1703()
Midea Midea Kettle MKSJ-1703
18,900 Ks 21,000 Ks
Save 10%
Midea Vacuum Cleaner C-100B()Midea Vacuum Cleaner C-100B()
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Save 15%
Midea Induction Cooker With Pot SKY-1613()
Save 7%
Midea Two Refrigerator (201)Liter HD-273F()
Save 8%
Midea Dryer (7)Kg MDA70-V015()
Midea Midea Dryer (7)Kg MDA70-V015
220,000 Ks 239,000 Ks
Save 7%
Midea Two Doors Refrigerator HD-113F()
Save 8%
Midea Boiler Heater D50-15VH1()
Midea Midea Boiler Heater D50-15VH1
133,000 Ks 145,000 Ks
Save 10%
Midea Instant Water Heater Without Pump DSK38V()
Save 10%
Midea Microwave Oven 23L  MMO23-AGS3()
Save 10%
Midea Blender MJ-BL40G()
Midea Midea Blender MJ-BL40G
31,500 Ks 35,000 Ks
Save 7%
Midea Semi-Auto Washing Machine MTC65-P1301Q()
Save 10%
Midea Water Cooler YL-1732SW()
Midea Midea Water Cooler YL-1732SW
115,000 Ks 128,000 Ks
Save 10%
Midea Vacuum Cleaner VSC38A-13L()
Save 8%
Midea Chest Freezer (99)liter HS-131CN()
Save 6%
Midea Instant Water Heater With Pump DSK45-P3W()
Save 10%
Midea Meat Mincer MM-2605()
Midea Midea Meat Mincer MM-2605
47,700 Ks 53,000 Ks
Save 11%
Midea High Speed Juicer MJ-JE35G()
Save 11%
Midea Coffee Maker 0.3L MAD-202R()
Save 7%
Midea Fully-Auto Washing Machine MAM100-507T()
Save 7%
Midea Fully-Auto Washing Machine MAM85-507T()