Electronics Best Deals

Midea Toaster Oven (10)L MEO10-DW1()
Save 20%
M4 Smart Band (4488894742646)()M4 Smart Band (4488894742646)()
SOFIA M4 Smart Band
12,000 Ks 15,000 Ks
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Save 31%
Beko 25L Microwave MOF25310X()
Beko Beko 25L Microwave MOF25310X
99,900 Ks 144,000 Ks
Save 38%
Beko Juicer CJB6040W()
Beko Beko Juicer CJB6040W
24,400 Ks 39,500 Ks
Save 23%
Beko Kettle WKM4226B()Beko Kettle WKM4226B()
Beko Beko Kettle WKM4226B
25,000 Ks 32,500 Ks
Save 11%
Beko Vacuum Cleaner VCO20713()
Midea Cooker SKY-1613A()
Midea Cooking Pot MG-GP45B()
Save 20%
Neck band mini fan (4488894546038)()Neck band mini fan (4488894546038)()
SOFIA Neck band mini fan
12,000 Ks 15,000 Ks
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Save 5%
Beko Dry Iron BKK2312()
Beko Beko Dry Iron BKK2312
17,900 Ks 18,900 Ks
Midea Cooker RT-2120()
Midea Fan FS40-15FR()
Save 37%
Beko Water Dispenser with Three Taps BSS4600TT()
Save 14%
Beko Coffee Machine CEP5152B()
Beko Beko Coffee Machine CEP5152B
120,000 Ks 140,000 Ks
Save 11%
Beko 5kg/7kg Washer Dryer WDC7523002W()
Midea Cooking Pot MBFS-5018()
Midea Cooking Pot MBYH-509()
Save 10%
Beko 372L Two Doors Top Freezer RDNT371I50S()
Save 29%
Beko Water Dispenser with Two Taps BSS2210TT()
Save 8%
Beko 9kg Top Load Washing Machine BTU9008W()
Save 6%
Beko 8kg Front Load Washing Machine WTB820E1W()
Midea Vacuum Cleaner VTW21A-15T()
Midea Pressure Cooker MYSS-5062()