Our philosophy

We care deeply about the sustainability of the environment and strive to reduce environmental impact to preserve our world for our future generations.

Our packaging

We ensure that our packaging materials are environmentally sustainable.

Our packing is made of recyclable cardboard material that can help us to reduce our carbon footprint and plastic usage. We also ensure that we use the minimum amount of tape and that the boxes are custom-fit to the packages to minimize use of cardboard material.

This packaging is reusable, and we encourage you to use it for your other needs after opening. You can also drop off the boxes at our SUNNY Everyday Stores to be recycled.

We hope our actions will help reduce the global plastic waste. Every day, 119 tons of plastic are washed into the ocean (according to the FFI report) and we believe that our collective actions go a long way! 

Our way of working

We adopt environmentally sustainability practices in our daily operations in the following ways:

  1. Reducing disposable waste by equipping our pantry with reusable cutlery
  2. Minimizing use of printed materials in the office to reduce paper waste
  3. Efficient energy usage in the office and minimizing aircon and light usage

Our ambitions

We hope to continue innovating our processes and products used towards our long term goals for environmental sustainability.

In this process, we seek your help in making us better citizens of the world and invite your feedback and suggestions on our environmental practices. Please feel free to write to us on support@sunny-estore.com