4in1 Multifunctional Bluetooth Speaker Fan


22,000 Ks

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  • This multifunctional rechargeable electric handheld fan has fan function, bluetooth speaker function, power bank function and flashlight function.
  • The fan function can work for 3~10 hours at one full charge: Speed 1 (2600 RPM) can last 10 hours. Speed 2 (3300 RPM) can last 6 hours. Speed 3 (3800 RPM) can last 3 hours.
  • The bluetooth speaker function can work for at least 15 hours at one full charge. The sound is clear and loud enough. No distortion, no noise, and no delay. You can enjoy the wind and music at the same time.
  • You can also remove the top fan and use the power bank function to charge phones, tablets and other small mobile devices. It works like a 4000mAh USB backup charger.
  • You can also remove the top fan and use the flashlight function. As a emergency light, it can work for at least 24 hours.

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