Anitech BBQ Grill 1.7kg (36 x 51 x 11cm)

CiticomSKU: KA-ANIT-BLA-2020 (S026)

34,500 Ks

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Model # BBQ-02

Product details
 The material is made of stainless steel and plastic.
 Supporting voltage up to 220 volts,
maximum power 2000 watts.
 Supports electrical frequencies at 50 Hz
 Can adjust the temperature as needed
 Total size is equal to 36x51x11cm
 Weight 1.7 kg.
 1 meter long power cord
 Used for grilling and grilling food
 Strong stainless steel grill. Easy to clean.
 The machine is made of high quality plastic, heat resistant.
 There is an aluminum tray.
 The device can be removed for cleaning.
 Can adjust the height of the grill 2 levels to suit the grill food
 Can adjust the temperature as needed

One Year Warranty

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