Kinohimitsu J Pan Beauty Drink Collagen 2500mg 6's

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Kinohimitsu J'pan Beauty Drink is the most effective way to restore youthful vitality to skin - not only on your face, but your whole body including the neck, bust and bum. It contains of a high concentration of Collagen helps to plump up your skin for smoother, firmer and younger looking skin.


First Time users: 1 bottle a day for a consecutive period of 6 days.
For maintainance: 1 bottle in every 2 days


Water, Fructose, Apple Condensed Juice, Collagen (Fish), Citric Acid, Vitamin C, Fruit and Vegetable Condensed Juice, Lemon Condensed Juice, Lichi Condensed Juice, Perilla Seed Extract-WSP, Protein and soy Isoflavone.

Storage Information

Store in a cool and dry place.


If you are pregnant or with medical conditions, please consult physician before taking and food supplement product.

Includes: 6 bottles of Kinohimitsu J Pan Beauty Drink Collagen 2500mg

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