Remax Sino Series Privacy Screen Protector Tempered Glass GL-56 for iphone XS Max

RemaxSKU: PC-REMA-BLA-1563 (S004)

7,500 Ks

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  • Material:  imported materials, to present the best privacy protection
  • Thin as 0.3mm             
  • Fully screen-covered design
  • CTN/ G.W: 22.5kg; iphone 7/8
  • CTN/ G.W: 24kg; iphone 7/8 plus
  • CTN/ G.W: 23kg; iphone X/XS      
  • CTN/ G.W: 23.5kg; iphone XR
  • CTN/ G.W: 24kg; iphone XS Max
  • CTN Size:43.5*35.6*36.2cm

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